Comparing Wheel of Luck Roulette to Other Roulette Variations: What Sets It Apart?

Table games like roulette are the most popular at online casinos after slots. While most players enjoy slots because of their simple gameplay and fun experience, some prefer roulette because it requires less skill. 

Playing Wheel of Luck or other roulette games is all about luck. You can hit a big win when you spin the wheel. But how exactly does the Wheel of Luck Game work, and what makes it stand out from other roulette games at regular and sweepstakes casinos? This guide explains everything you need to know. 

What is the Wheel of Luck Game? 

Wheel of Luck is a roulette-style game available at sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins. As the name implies, the game requires spinning the wheel for some luck. The “luck” in the game’s name is accurate. 

After a spin, you may get a small quantity of coin wins or nothing. But if it’s your lucky day, you’re in for a big win. The possibility of a massive fortune makes the Wheel of Luck game attractive to roulette lovers. 

How Does it Work?

Like every roulette game, Wheel of Luck consists of a spinning wheel with different red and black numbered pockets and a ball. When you play at sweepstakes casinos, you must select a coin level and enter the amount of coins to spend on the game round. 

The ball is released once you press the “Spin” button, and the wheel spins for a couple of seconds. You aim to see the ball land on a number you’ve chosen between 1 and 36 or the color you predicted between red and black. 

However, this process is random due to the casino’s RNG system. The chance of the ball landing on your predicted number is based on luck. Like any other game, your chances of winning depend on the game odds, payouts, and how many coins you played before spinning the wheel. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wheel of Luck

Wheel of Luck is an exciting roulette game available at Fortune Coins. Before playing the game, here are some pros and cons. 


  • Wheel of Luck is easier to play than table games like poker and blackjack. No skill is required, so beginners can enjoy the game without worrying too much about a winning strategy. 
  • The game rules and setup are easy to understand, saving players time. 
  • The odds are high, making it one of the highest-paying casino games.
  • The game combines multiple playing options. When predicting where the ball will land, you can choose between 1 and 36, red or black, or an odd or even number. 


  • The gaming results are random. Your winnings depend on luck. 
  • The game can be addictive due to its simplicity and high odds. 

How to Play Wheel of Luck at Fortune Coins 

Sweepstakes casinos like Fortune Coins let you play Wheel of Luck for free. Here’s how to play the roulette game with no deposit required:

  • Visit the Fortune Coins website and create a new account using the “Sign Up” button
  • Provide your basic information, including your name, email address, and password, on the next screen 
  • Verify your email and phone number 
  • Get your welcome offer (free playing coins)
  • Start playing Wheel of Luck for free